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Please reblog if Lydia Martin is still important to you. 

I’m sick of Jeff ignoring Lydia. I’m sick of the pack leaving her alone. Both Holland and Lydia deserve better.

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stiilees said: The whole Lydia dying doesn't make sense to me... I mean, I don't remember in which con it was, but when asked about stydia, Holland answered "Jeff says to hold on for stydia!". The season was wrapped when that con happened. It just doesn't make sense... And I don't want to believe that Lydia's going to leave us... :((((


I know it doesn’t but with Lydia separated from the pack next episode she’s either the one going missing (if that was a real spoiler) or the one who is going to die (if that was real too). 

That or at some point she’s going to suck face with Parrish.


girls don’t want boys girls want a better storyline for lydia martin

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vonfandom said: Re: your mention of Holland's interview. Given her make up and hair, it looks like this was shot when they were still shooting the episode. Before the season started to air. I think she was afraid to answer it because she didn't know what the fans would think of Stalia/would still want Stydia. The con interviews happened after the backlash started. I'm losing hope too, but I don't think that interview in particular is proof of anything.


This is the Lieutenant here, I’m in complete agreement about the interview. It isn’t anything to go off of and I wouldn’t use it to give me hope for the finale. There’s a good chance we won’t see anything romantic for Stiles and Lydia until sometime in the middle/end of next season. I still wholeheartedly believe that Stydia is endgame, no way it isn’t, but we all need to be patient. I think they might hook her up with Parrish (which I don’t want) but all things come to an end, and Marrish and Stalia are no different in that department. Everything ends.

Y’know, except endgame things (AKA Stydia).



how do i get a flat stomach by tomorrow


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If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.



everything about shrek gets notes smh 


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If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.


Submitted by: reportergirl13

Description: Stiles and Malia have been broken up for months and Lydia is tired of waiting for Stiles to make a move. So, she decides to enlist a friend to help her make one for him in an unexpected way.

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Jealous!Stiles

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